Diagnosis of Tumor Located in Mandibular Bone


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A swelling of the cortical bone observed in the clinical examination in any of the jaws and in which in the radiographic examinations, dark (radiolucent) and light (radiopaque) images are observed can represent several pathologies that occur when bone is replaced by fibrous tissue with newly mineralized material. Нe initial diagnosis is intended to exclude malignancies, since they are the most aggressive and can jeopardize the lives of patients. Within the benign pathologies we must dLوٴerentLate: the developmental changes known as fibro-osseous dysplasias and cemento-osseous dysplasias, the reactive or dysplastic processes, commonly diagnosed as idiopathic osteosclerosis whose dLوٴerentLal diagnosis includes focal sclerosing osteomyelitis, and the benign neoplasms, represented for the most frequent benign tumors whose example is ossifying fibroma . Нe most common ones found in the maxillary bones are fibrous dysplasias, ossifying fibroma and cemento-osseous dysplasias

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