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Current trends in Pathology:

Pathology is the study of causes and effects of diseases or injury. The word pathology also refers to the study of disease in general, incorporating a wide range of bioscience research fields and medical practices. Pathology is a significant field in modern medical diagnosis and medical research. “Pathology" may also refer to the predicted or actual progression of diseases and the affix path is sometimes used to indicate a state of disease in cases of both physical ailment and psychological conditions. A physician practicing pathology is called a pathologist. The study of pathology, including the detailed examination of the body, including dissection and inquiry into specific maladies, dates to antiquity.                       

 With the new understanding of causative agents, physicians began to compare the characteristics of one germ’s symptoms as they developed within an affected individual to another germ’s characteristics and symptoms. This realization led to the foundational.


Research work on Molecular Pathology:


Molecular pathology Molecular pathology is mainly focused upon the study and diagnosis of disease through the examination of molecules within organs, tissues or bodily fluids. It is multidisciplinary by nature and shares some aspects of practice with anatomic pathology and clinical pathology, molecular biology, biochemistry, proteomics and genetics.

It is often applied in a context that is as much scientific as directly medical and encompasses the development of molecular and genetic approaches to the diagnosis and classification of human diseases, the design and validation of predictive biomarkers for treatment response and disease progression, and the susceptibility of individuals of different genetic constitution to particular disorders. Techniques used are based on analyzing samples of DNA and RNA. 

Molecular pathology is widely used for gene therapy and disease diagnosis. Pathology and epidemiology share the same goal of elucidating etiology of disease, and molecular pathological epidemiology aims to achieve the goal at molecular, individual and population levels. Each patient has a unique disease process, by considering the uniqueness of the exposome and its unique influence on molecular pathologic process. By this concept it has been adopted in clinical medicine along with precision medicine and personalized medicine.


  • Molecular Abnormalities in Tumors
  • Molecular Basis of Skin Disease
  • Quality Assurance of Molecular Assays
  • Tumor genetics and gene therapy

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