Traditional Cardiac Rehabilitation and Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation


Traditional Cardiac Rehabilitation

Traditional Cardiac Rehabilitation is primarily exercise-based and has shown improvement in risk profile and outcomes, including survival in individuals with known CHD. Traditional Cardiac Rehabilitation reduces the chances of being rehospitalized or depressed after a coronary event, and helps patients recover strength and build skills in managing medications and activities. A challenge for Traditional Cardiac Rehabilitation is suboptimal referral and participation. Women, minorities, older people, and people with comorbidities are less likely to be referred and/or attend Traditional Cardiac Rehabilitation.

Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation (ICR)

The Medicare definition of Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation is “a physician- supervised program that furnishes cardiac rehabilitation services more frequently and often in a more rigorous manner (than Traditional Cardiac Rehabilitation).” One of the first Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation programs was developed by Dean Ornish during his ground breaking studies on the effects of lifestyle on CHD. The benefits in terms of risk factor modification and prognosis with Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation are generally superior to Traditional Cardiac Rehabilitation, but, both Traditional Cardiac Rehabilitation and Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation are underutilized.

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